Trying to understand and communicate in a foreign language is a multi-tasking nightmare all travelers are familiar with, but an in-ear device called ‘the Pilot’ is about to solve that problem once and for all.

Developed by Waverly Labs, the Pilot is a brilliant breakthrough gadget which will be hitting shelves in late September this year. The device will allow its wearer to immediately understand any one of several foreign languages with the help of in-ear translation. The language options it offers include English, French, Spanish and Italian – a handy app will allow you to choose the one you prefer at any particular time.

Priced reasonably at PKR 13,000, the device is made up of two earpieces that easily fit into your ears and decode the words that are addressed to you, translating them into a language you understand. So no more hysterical hand signals or looking about frantically for some savior to come to your rescue; will the Pilot it’ll be as though your interpreter is sitting right beside you.