Lytro has finally released their highly-awaiting second product and first actual camera, called the Lytro Illum. The device differs from regular photographic instruments, as it captures information regarding the angle from which light enters the lens and turns that data into an interactive picture. After taking the picture, photographers have the ability to re-focus, resize and adjust the dimensions of the image.

Jason Rosenthal, CEO of Lytro believes that this new interactive technology will be revolutionary. He was quoted in an interview as saying, “it’ll really change the capabilities of how cameras themselves work, and I mean cameras in the broadest sense… not just high end products like the Lytro Illum… but as well as the way the cameras work in smartphones and tablets and just about every other device that has a lens.”

The camera itself features a sleek black and blue body, with a 4-inch LCD screen and a lens with adjustable focus and zoom (which can be edited in post-production). The camera doesn’t require a viewfinder and has very few buttons due to the nature of its screen, which is angled so that the photographer can stand vertically and look down at the display. The exterior of the camera looks quite futuristic and is quite different to how conventional cameras look, which is fitting since it showcases a futuristic new concept of the photographic art form. The device essentially generates interactive, three-dimensional images that can change the way we look at photography forever.

“With Lytro Illum, you can dramatically expand what you can do and you can take real world images and put them into a virtual reality environment. Since we’re inherently capturing all this rich data, you can put it directly to a virtual reality experience,” said Rosenthal.

The Lytro Illum camera is available in select stores now for $1600, and its viewing technology is currently compatible with android devices.