Nintendo’s handheld console ‘Game Boy’ became a massive hit upon launch in 1989. Since then we have seen many variations and upgrades to the original grey unit that includes Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color. Thanks to the latest gadget by Hyperkin called ‘Smart Boy’, the days of playing Tetris are not over.

If you threw away or sold your Game Boy but have the cartridges then you are in luck. This cool device just requires a smartphone and your cartridges. It comes complete with the original buttons and D-pad. In today’s mobile gaming world, this device will clearly invoke nostalgia of a much simpler time where games would come complete without any microtransactions.

There is a version for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus in the works but those with Windows and Android powered phones not need to worry. According to Toucharcade models designed for Windows and Android handsets are also in the pipeline by Hyperkin.

Although emulators for Game Boy are freely available along with roms, nothing captures the feel of a Game Boy game than playing on one itself. We will not be surprised if sales of old cartridges will increase on eBay as they become in high demand after the Smart Boy’s release.

We are glad we still have our Super Mario Land and Ninja Gaiden cartridges and all we need now is the Smart Boy!