Russian app developer Game Insight has conquered the smartphone gaming industry attracting upwards of 250 million players from around the globe. The company, founded by Alisa Chumachenko and Igor Matsanyuk in 2010, focuses on creating ‘social’ games. In early 2014, Game Insight released four new and incredibly successful games, the most popular of which is called Tribez and Castlez.

Based on an earlier game that the company released called Tribez, Tribez and Castlez allows the player to create their own fantasy world set in the medieval era. The goal is to help Prince Eric rebuild his Kingdom with the help of a princess and professor. The game allows the player to construct the Kingdom however they wish using the money that they earn.

There is also the option of going on treasure hunts to recover missing artifacts that can help fund the construction. As a player, you have to protect the Kingdom from various foreign forces and encourage the cultivation of agriculture amongst your people to ensure their survival. You can go on whatever mission you choose, whether it’s helping a citizen harvest crops, challenging your enemies to a battle, hunting for rare and mysterious treasures, or wooing Princess Aurora. Tribez and Castlez essentially allows for you to try your hand at being a Medieval Prince in a stunning world of dragons, magic and giants.

If you’re the kind of person that isn’t really interested in living the life of a Medieval Prince, then Game Insight has over twenty additional games that all take place in different universes. Almost every game developed by their company allows for you to immerse yourself in the life of a character that you control and lets you build your own private world.

Game Insight has dominated the gaming charts on smartphone through the development of dozens of unique and addictive games. They are quickly becoming one of the leading gaming-app developers with their products available on both Android and IOS.