K2LD Architects is the boutique label behind the flawlessly-designed Screen House in the suburbs of Singapore. The Lien family mansion is surrounded by green hills and exotic vegetation. The family brought-in six of their favorite local architects to add five new houses and renovate the existing 1930s mansion, thus giving birth to The Screen House.

A beautiful representation of a modern home, the Screen House is not just a work of art but a product of its environment. A haven for nature lovers, The Screen House was constructed specifically with the aim of bringing you closer to nature.

Featuring not one, not two, but several swimming pools constructed in a variety of different shapes and sizes, the Screen House is an aquatic dream unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. The shapes, the bends, the curves all come together in perfect harmony like the yin and the yang – truly representative of such a Zen space.

With a wonderful pavilion elevated above the garden and providing 360-degree views of the entire landscape, the Screen House literally lights-up at night, like some sort of bioluminescent micro-organism in the sea that makes it glow.

Main spaces like the living, dining and family areas have been consolidated into one fluid space allowing for more flexibility in their use. The partition between rooms can slide and be hidden away to adapt to changing functions. Corridors become 3.6 meter-wide passageways which form an extension to a children’s play-area. Even the basement has been configured to be a wide column-free space where the family can hold parties and guests can take-in the spectacular view.

With marvelous designs like the Screen House coming out of Singapore, we can’t wait to see what K2LD Architects come up with next!