From the House of Dior, an intoxicating scent of Arabian Oud was born in 2012.

An addition to Christian Dior’s ‘La Collection Privee’ or Private Collection of perfumes, the Oud Ispahan is a dramatic ol’ factory treat. The private collection perfumes are richer in scent and aroma and longer lasting but carry a heavier price-tag.

With the recent surge in Arabian Oud fragrances, Oud Ispahan is the House of Dior’s second Oud-based perfume retailing at $295 for 125ml of juice and up to $422 for more.

‘Ispahan’ is a type of Middle Eastern Rose, rich in scent and color, originating from Iran. Monsieur Dior, as explained on the company website, discovered the intoxicating scents of the Oriental East, once he became a Couturier Perfumer, and was fascinated by the East. This led to the creation of the Oud or Arabian wood based fragrances of which the Oud Ispahan is a successful addition, composed by Frances top perfumer.

This scent, composed around Oud wood, is softened by the essence of the Persian rose ‘Ispahan.’ The perfume is a delicate yet rich Arabian tale told with a French accent. The first note is Amber with the woody strength of Oud. The second and more lasting, is the spicy key ingredient the Rosa Damascena and the third, most lasting note is a light sandalwood essence that lasts for months on clothing.

The perfume, known for its long-lasting and Oriental rosy scent has been rated highly on various perfume blogs and beauty magazines across the globe. This masterpiece has women smitten and its Arabian tale takes us back to the time of the daughter of the Caliph of Ispahan as told by Lanier, a top perfume blogger, “The sands foretell my princess, the one who will win your heart and your hand; he shall be the first to touch the rose.”