A new construction revolution could be well on its way. Mexican scientist Jose Carlos Avalos has patented the ‘novel cement matrix’, or in layman terms, glow-in-the-dark cement.

This construction material could absolutely change the way cities of the future function, not only the appearance of urban landscapes, but also their carbon footprint.

The cement created by Avalos is energy-efficient, soaking up sunlight during the daytime and emitting solar light after dark. It could be used to coat buildings, bridges, highways, bicycle lanes – the possibilities are endless, and already NGO’s, big businesses and governments are consulting Avalos to discuss probable applications for his product.

The inventor says that building entire structures with the neon cement could be very expensive right now, so he recommends applying an exterior coating of it till a more cost-effective production method is developed.

Bright green and marine blue are the two colors the luminous cement is available in at present, but Avalos says he’s already working on adding red, white, and purple to the palette.

A pilot plant has already been set-up and production of the ‘solar cement’ will begin within three months; so soon, we may see urban developments that are a riot of color after sunset.