The French Parliament passed a law on Thursday that will ban ultra-thin models from designer catwalks. In a move that has annoyed many in the fashion industry, but won praise from the public, the new legislation addresses the problem of anorexia related to image-consciousness.

French law now requires super-thin models to have a doctor’s certificate stating that they are a healthy weight. This assessment must be issued after an examination taking into consideration the model’s age, gender, and body type.

Anyone who employs models breaking this law will be sentenced to six months in jail and have to pay a hefty fine of €75,000 Euros. There’s an addendum too. Fashion magazines featuring skinny models will also come under scrutiny and the ambit of this law. All advertisements that feature photoshopped body shapes will have to prominently display the tag photograph edited.

The French government, and many ordinary citizens, feel that skinny models become icons for young women, leading to major health issues. An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people in France suffer from anorexia, most of them adolescent young women.

Ever since British model Twiggy took the fashion scene by storm in the Sixties, thin figures have been associated with beauty, creating negative ideas about curves, the popularity of Kim Kardashian of course not withstanding.

The objective of this law is to remove the fallacy that slimness equates with attractiveness in the minds of young women. Nothing will send home this message more clearly than seeing some healthy curves on the fashion ramps.