Wanna be all slick in the office but having trouble finding the right look? Tired of carrying around that sh*tty laptop bag given to you by the company? We gotchu!

Gone are the days when it was just the ladies that rocked handbags. With the growing list of things a man has to now carry around: wallet, keys, laptop, smartphone, sh*tty phone for snatchers, etc. the man bag has become a must-have for every modern day man.

Which is why we bring you four that’ll serve a function, but not take away from your flow…

The Urban Messenger
Want to keep it casual? Paired with classy blazer the Urban Messenger should do the trick.$85, herschelsupply.com

The Standout
Say everything without having to say a word. The checkered Standout in navy print makes for one helluva lasting impression.slide-12_0

The Professional
Hoping for a promotion? Hard work alone isn’t gonna cut it… You need to show the higher-ups you mean business! You need The Professional. slide-11_1

The Low Pro
Looking to only stock the essentials? Wanna keep a low profile? Then this under-the-radar brown beauty is the one for you! Simple. Subtle. Sophisticated.$175, kennethcole.com