Forget about Toyota Prados and Landcruisers, for the rough roads of Karachi this is what you want!

Created by Alexei Garagashyan the SHERP ATV is a 1.5 ton all terrain vehicle capable of reaching speeds of 28 mph on land, or 3.7 mph in water. How bada** it that? Powered by a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine producing 45 horsepower, the SHERP ATV can climb over obstacles as tall as 27.5 inches, swim like a shark, turn like a tank, and look good doing it all.

With its giant custom self-inflated tires and the skid-steer, the ATV can also turn in its own length (about 11 feet). A two-seater coupe the Russian beast features a manual gearbox, a tough polymer coating and a 15.3 gallon fuel tank standard.

Like any car however, for a little bit extra you can get several upgrades which include an air heater, a soft convertible top and two additional fuel tanks at the wheel of 50 liters each.