With Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche all-embracing hybrid technology, it was only a matter of time before Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini threw its hat into the ring. And while it may have taken while, boy was it worth the wait!

We present you the ‘Asterion LPI 910-4’, perhaps the hottest raging bull from Lamborghini since the Sesto Elemento. They say every car should make a statement. Powered by a monstrous 5.2-liter, V10 engine producing a staggering 910hp the statement from Lamborghini is simple… “Bring it on!”

Like the Porsche 918, Lamborghini’s hybrid uses the motors on the front axle to deliver four-wheel drive, as well as torque vectoring. There is no mechanical connection between the rear and front axles. Restrained via a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, the latest concept from the Italian juggernaut boasts a 0-100 km/h time of just three seconds, and a top speed of 320 km/h.

Named after a mythical minotaur (half-man half-bull) it is said the plug-in hybrid can travel for 31 miles on electricity alone. Dubbed the most powerful Lamborghini ever designed, the Asterion sits in the same league as the LaFerrari and McLaren’s P1.

Of course uncertainty remains about whether or not this hypercar will ever make it to the production line.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann was quoted telling Top Gear, “We all know what we have to do. Down the road we see turbocharging and plug-in hybrids. There is no way out – assuming the legislation doesn’t change. Even if we might be granted an exemption – as a small manufacturer – there is also the issue of social acceptance. Things are changing. People are more aware, more sensitive… Many of our customers are entrepreneurs. These people don’t just have passions, they have sharp minds and they know what is going on in the world. There are perception issues, like it or not, and when you are perceived as an outlaw you no longer fit into the big picture. So we need to adjust, while remaining consistent to the brand.”

After seeing photos of Lamborghini’s latest concept I’m sure I’m not alone in saying Mr. Winkelmann Sir, Mission: Accomplished!