Finding a decent parking space in cities like Karachi is a nightmare. How many times have you been to Tariq road or Saddar for what was supposed to be a “quick stopover” that then took hours?

Fortunately now, those problems won’t fair for long. Thanks to an innovative new design that sees you literally carry your ride beside you, finding parking will never be a problem again.

Introducing the Commute-Case A nifty new motor/gadget/style accessory from Illinois-based Green Energy Motors. The all-new Commute-Case electric scooter is a foldable briefcase which not only improves your travelling experience but also holds your Macbook, iPhone and whatever else you need it to.

Though currently the scooter is just a prototype, it is expected to go into mass-production sometime before the end of the year. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the Commute-Case has a top speed of 20km/h, four times faster than an area covered on foot. Also unlike many electric scooters the Commute-Case can also be ridden like a child scooter in the event the battery discharges.

The footrests, steering bar and wheels are stored inside the outer-body briefcase, and are assembled by the rider before use. The Commute-Case is initially peddled by foot to get it moving after which point the motor kicks in and then it drives like a regular scooter. Available in blue and pink, the Commute-Case even makes for a perfect ‘his and hers’ set.

Though currently in the testing phase, Green Energy Motors has already started taking pre-orders. Priced at a hefty six thousand dollars, customers who pre-order are entitled to a 50% discount.  Although the initial cost of purchasing this technology is higher than that of regular scooters, it is that much more fuel efficient. While a regular scooter may cost you $3.35 to cover a distance of 25 miles, the new Commute-Case will cost you just 10 cents for the same distance.