In times of medical emergencies, speed is key. Ambulances have to weave through traffic with their sirens blaring in order to get patients to the hospitals. In such times, what would serve better: an ambulance or a super-charged sports car? Dubai thinks the latter is better.

According to Arabian Business, Dubai is redefining ambulances with the refitted Lotus Evora. This initiative is part of the Smart Government Program. This hotrod is a sports car converted into an ambulance. Health care is only minutes away as the car can go as fast as 300 km/h and response times are reported to be between three and four minutes. According to Business Insider, this would become the fastest ambulance in the world.

The Lotus Evora is on display all over Dubai’s tourist landmarks such as the Jumeirah Beach Residences and Burj Khalifa. The sports-ambulance is expected to go into operation later this year. Besides the Evora, two Ford Mustangs and one Corvette is also set to be refitted as ambulances.

The revamped sports cars are reportedly fitted with a control box for the siren, emergency kits, a defibrillator and first aid kits. Oxygen supplies and transmitters are included for communication with hospitals and paramedics.

In order to drive the cars 50 local paramedics will have to be trained in driving before they get behind the wheel of these $160,000 machines. A paramedic was quoted saying, “One second could be the difference between life and death.”