Alfa Romeo has made perhaps the most unique motorcycle concept ever- the ‘Spirito’ Motorcycle. It was designed in collaboration with Mehmet Doruk Erdem that is a follow-up to his BMW ‘Apollo Streamliner’. According to Design Boom, “its front and side grilles illustrate the power of the brand’s design and characteristics. it features a long nose that minimizes wind resistance and provides suitable space for the powerful engine.”

This futuristic bike has a cool brown leather seat, exposed shocks and crystal-clear parts that give us an insight into what makes this machine roar. It is painted in beautiful red representing the Alfa Romeo Brand. The bike seems to have taken a life out of the science fiction cult classic ‘Tron’.

The ‘Spirito’ could easily be featured in a special –effects laden action film set in the future. It totally looks like the bike of tomorrow. Not only that, it can even have its own television show. This elegant-looking bike also reminds us of classic roadsters and the single wheel sets it apart from other bikes.

Erdem’s ‘Spirito’ concept  seems to pay tribute to the Italian automotive giant in every way and is a blend of the past, present and future. While this is still a concept, it is an exciting one. Whether we see it enter production is anyone’s guess, but if this is truly the bike of tomorrow, the future is looking really promising.