When it houses the most famous painting in the world, how could it be any other way? The Louvre Museum in Paris, home to the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo among other historic gems, has topped the list of the most frequented museums in the world for the fourth year running.

Attracting 8.7 million visitors in 2015, the Louvre came in at No. 1 in the TEA/AECOM Global Attractions Attendance Report on museum rankings.

When asked about the exhibit that was pivotal to their visit, tourists invariably named Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the lady with the most famous smile on the planet.

London has come up as the most popular ‘museum-city’, with six museums in the Top 20 list, with Washington DC taking second place with four. New York and Paris were tied at third place with two most popular museums each.

The Louvre faced a major upheaval last month when thousands of artifacts had to be removed for safekeeping from its basement vaults because of a threat of flooding from the burgeoning Seine River.