The man most Americans trust more than their President (actually proven in a poll), came out of retirement for a ‘national cause’ on Thursday — to give the US one last warning against impending doom, aka Donald J. Trump.

Often called ‘American media’s liberal conscience’ Jon Stewart former host of The Daily Show, an immensely popular talk show that, tongue-in-cheek, mercilessly exposed the pomposity of ‘the world’s greatest nation’ made a special appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to tear the Republican National Convention to shreds.

Taking over Colbert’s desk, Jon Stewart merrily took Trump & Co. to the cleaners, calling out their claims on ‘ownership of America’ as pure bull**** saying, “This country is not yours, there is no real (white) America”. Stewart has also been bashing the ultra-conservative arch-enemy of CBS – Fox News, telling them “You don’t own patriotism”.

For average Americans, and people all over the world who are trying to make sense of the very divisive and bitter election campaign of 2016, if there’s one man who can make sense of it all and tell it like it really is, it’s Jon Stewart, and in his special appearance that’s exactly what he did.

Check it out in the video above.