Intelligent, forward-thinking, liberal, dynamic, and good-looking to boot — small wonder then that fans all over the world wish they could swap their Prime Ministers for Justin Trudeau. And now, he’s given them another adjective to add onto the long list of positive attributes that are used to describe him – Empathic with a capital E, and yet another cause to celebrate him as a ‘new leader’ for a ‘new world’.

Trudeau made history this weekend by becoming the world’s first ever sitting Prime Minister to participate in a Gay Pride parade. He was greeted by thunderous cheers all along the route, as he marched with thousands of people in Toronto, proudly waving the maple-leaf Canadian flag with a rainbow on the border.

Trudeau’s tolerant, inclusive stance was clear last year when he joined the annual rally as leader of the Liberal Party, but his attendance yesterday after assuming the PM’s office was an unprecedented gesture.

In a salmon, button-down shirt and white jeans, the youthful PM was a picture of ‘cool’, casual chic, shaking hands with people lining the streets and graciously posing for hundreds of selfies.

In contrast to the hysterical VVIP protocol of our very own physically and mentally insecure ‘leaders’, Toronto was on a heightened security alert for the event, but the beefed-up measures were deliberately kept discreet so as not to ruin the festive spirit of the occasion.

Check out the video above.