Let’s be honest… If there’s one fight we’re dying to see it’s a showdown between British-Pakistan boxer Amir Khan and American world champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.

According to the latest reports, talks are still in the ‘premature stages’ but that’s not to say it’s not going to happen. Reports coming out of Khan’s camp suggest the Bolton-born boxer will take-on the unbeaten welterweight champion in Las Vegas come May 2014. According to them, Khan will not fight again this year and will spend the rest of his time focusing on training and hoping for the possibility of a box-office bout against Mayweather.

Khan, the 2004 silver Olympic medalist whose professional record stands at 28-3, currently fights in the light-welterweight division. But for him to challenge “Pretty Boy” Mayweather he would have to move up to either the welterweight or light-middleweight division.

At a recent press conference in the States, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer gave fans an interesting insight into whom Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent may be. “When Floyd fights it’s an event. Floyd could frankly fight Joe Schmo and it would still be an event because of his personality, his reach, his everything.”

Though he didn’t offer a direct response and maintained he didn’t know for sure, he was further quoted as saying “If he’s going to fight Amir Khan… Some people might disagree with me I understand because Khan might not have looked as stellar in his last couple of fights as one would have hoped, but there are two things: Styles make fights and speed kills. And I think both of those two sayings are very applicable to this fight if it would happen.”

Mayweather has remained tight-lipped about his future plans, with his camp insisting the world champion is currently relaxing and enjoying time off with his family after the record-breaking year that he’s had.

But Khan seems more than eager for the opportunity to take-on the current world champion. “My next fight will be in May 2014, and I hope it’s against Mayweather. My team is working to make this happen, but I am not focusing on it. My aim is to focus on my training and get as fitter and stronger as I can. Mayweather is the top fighter, he is undefeated and I want to be the one to defeat him, and with my speed, I can cause him some real trouble. Now it’s up to him and his team to come forward and set it up.”

So, Mayweather vs. Khan? Hey, let’s hope it happens!