Arguably ranked as the best batsman in the world today, and the fittest player in the Indian side, Virat Kohli said in a recent interview that it has come about only after a lifestyle change, comprising of making conscious choices about diet and exercise.

The 27-year-old cricket superstar is a role-model to millions in India. His spectacular batting skills, complementing super-sharp reflexes in fielding, make him a revered icon in a country where cricket takes second place only to religion.

The top-ranking cricketer, who has scored 25 centuries for India in ODIs, and is currently the World No. 1 T20 batsman, says he always had the ‘mindset but not the physical ability’ to become an above-average sportsman, but all that has changed now.

The ‘lifestyle choices’, says Kohli, came after he was going through a rough patch in the 2012 Indian Premier League. It motivated him to ‘listen to his body’ and change his eating preferences and patterns as well as opting for a tight regimen of physical training.

After becoming “fitter, lighter, and stronger’, Kohli says he now feels ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way. So when you next see the super-fit Virat Kohli sprinting across the stadium like Usain Bolt, or launching a ‘blitzkrieg’ of runs with that famous bat remember, it all boils down to proper diet and physical training.