Today’s technology-oriented modern careers require that you make spot-on focused decisions round the clock but there are days you feel even getting out of bed is a major one. If that sounds familiar, you need to start tackling the major concentration killers in your life.

When it comes to concentration-eating bacteria, social media takes the place of honour. It’s as simple as a click to connect (and disconnect) with friends and family while you’re at work. What you don’t realize is that every click breaks your train of thought, taking you miles away from your task at hand. Every time you go back, you have to then backtrack to get your thoughts in order.

Psychologist Lucy Jo Palladino advises avoiding logging in to social media sites while working. If you must do it, schedule it for break times only. Once you start regulating the times you indulge, you’ll notice how much more work you can accomplish.

Email overload is a killer of efficiency. You’ll make little progress if you’re constantly twitching to open the daily deluge of mail that pops up in your inbox. You just cannot afford to respond to every useless message you get.

To escape the tyranny of the box, you need to organize your mail in a way that prioritizes messages you receive and displays them in a way that helps you focus on tasks that need your attention. Apps like Sanebox can make life much easier.

Cellphones too negatively affect time plus momentum, a research by Stanford University found. The ringtone on our phone is a sound few of us can resist, but responding to each call takes a heavy toll on efficiency.

Here’s where caller ID, silent mode and voicemail features come in handy. Listening to all the calls which are not urgent at one time is less disruptive than constantly picking up your phone and wasting precious time every day.

Fatigue is a killer of concentration as well as productivity. The American Sleep Foundation stresses that sleep is a priority you cannot afford to ignore. Adults need 7-8 hours of sleep at night to function at optimum alertness the next day, so get focused on getting your Zzzzz’s.