They may be irritating and tiresome, but layovers are now an inevitable part of travelling. They don’t have to be necessarily boring, though, and if you can have a pick, these airports could leave you wishing that the interval between connecting flights was longer.

1. Changi Airport, Singapore. Skytrax Airport Awards has named it the world’s best airport for three years running, and deservedly so. The butterfly garden, multimedia center, and rooftop pool are just a few of the features of this layover paradise. Expansion is underway and travelers in the near future will be able to relax by the world’s tallest indoor waterfall after they finish shopping in the best emporiums any airport has on offer.

2. Hong Kong International Airport. A huge IMAX screen for watching the latest films, as well as an indoor nine-hole golf course, along with a variety of shops and world-class eateries will make you feel reluctant to leave this dream airport and board your connecting flight. The design by British architect Foster & Partners ensures that the spacious concourse is flooded with natural light, which creates an ambiance hard to match.

3. San Francisco International. Travelers cite it as the best airport in the US. The four terminals have galleries that house rotating museum exhibitions and the artworks permanently on display are a treat to peruse when you have time on your hands between flights. There’s a Yoga Room, a first in the world, and plenty of shopping and restaurants representing the diversity of the city, from Mexican to sushi.

4. Munich Airport. Keeping in touch with the city’s historical roots, this is the only airport in the world to house its own brewery. Whether you’re nursing a hangover or just want to grab a snooze, the Napcab sleeping cabins are a godsend. In summer, travelers can try surfing on the the world’s tallest standing wave. Winter has its own seasonal delights, like a skating rink and a Christmas market offering traditional German treats.