It’s certainly not going to be a pleasant night for faint-hearted insomniacs, but if you’ve got the fear-factor covered — it could be the adventure of a lifetime.

After the ‘Vincent Van Gogh Room’ experience, Airbnb Ireland has come up with another unique contest. It’s offering winners (and a guest) the opportunity to spend a night in the company of sharks.

Of course, there’ll be a thick glass separating you from the aquatic predators, but that’s about all there’ll be…

Taking place from April 11-13, the ‘sleepovers’ will take place in a submerged glass room in a tank at the Paris Aquarium. The tank contains nearly 800,000 gallons of water; oh and did we forget to mention, 35 sharks!

The famous shark-enthusiast, marine photographer and record-setting free diver Fred Buyle will host the event along with a marine biologist who will familiarize you with your new neighbors. There’s no entry fee and Airbnb will arrange your flights as well as your stay, which includes dinner and breakfast in the glassroom that ‘sleeps’ two in a circular bed (if you have the courage to close your eyes).

Interested contestants can apply through a listing on Airbnb. To qualify, you must be over 18 years of age and in good physical health. Entries have to include a message to the judges, explaining in 50-500 characters, why you deserve to ‘win’ the contest. To convince the sharks, it’ll have to be one hell of an explanation.