As if the 70-foot long cliff-clinging glass walkway on the side of Tianmen mountain was not enough to test the mettle of adventure-seekers, Chinese engineers have bettered that by constructing a glass-bottomed suspension bridge to connect two mountain peaks in the Hunan province, Southern China.

Hanging 180m above a valley in Pingjiang, the bridge stretches for a daunting length of 300 feet, offering a crystal-clear view of what lies below, were some mishap to occur. Another feature of this architectural feat, in case this is not enough to strike terror into the most courageous of souls, is that the bridge sways with every movement of the wind.

Many visitors report that they start well but nerves start giving way mid-journey. Some complain of feeling nauseous and others of going weak at the knees. Some bravehearts have been photographed scrambling across on hands and knees after starting the journey upright. Confidence starts dwindling away as you get further from your starting point and very often, people turn and scurry back to the safety of planting their feet on terra firma.

If you’re too far gone and don’t have the chops to turn back, one visitor commented, ‘All you want to do is close your eyes and wake up on the other side’.

Authorities say that professional staff is at hand to provide help in case you suffer, you know, a heart attack or anything!?!!