Whether you’re on a business trip with a day to spare, or trying to get value for money on a layover, there’s no better way to see Hong Kong. Just hop aboard the ‘ding ding’, as it’s nicknamed by the locals because of the sound of its bells. The city’s tram system is over a century old, and still running in good shape.

It’s a contrast every traveler will relish – the smooth, languorous speed of the tram in juxtaposition with the breathless, fast pace of one of the premier business capitals of the world. The tram is one of the icons of the city, and its track moves along the town’s most recognizable landmarks, giving you the full flavor of Hong Kong.

The introduction of the TramOramic tour has made the exploring experience even better for tourists. The tour takes you from the heritage, colonial-era quarter of the city, through busy shopping districts, to the business center, which houses the most modern skyscrapers like the HSBC and Bank of China towers.

The tram has a retro, wooden interior and a mini museum of historical artifacts on board, but the best part is the upper deck, which has a covered viewing balcony. The design has been resurrected from the 1920’s trams that plied the tracks in the old city.

The hour-long tour has personal audio guides which, in eight different languages, will tell you all about the city’s history, it’s journey from a tiny town to the grand business hub it is today.