Contrary to perception, India is not the only happening place for discovering innovative vegetarian cuisine to tickle those tastebuds. The WHO’s recent report on how damaging red meat can be, has turned consumers’ attention to finding tasty vegetarian alternatives, and you may find them in these unlikely places.

You’re more likely to spot a vegetarian eatery in New York than in any other city in the US. The diversity that these restaurants offer is amazing, leaving you spoilt for choice. You can dine at places that offer organic raw veggies, like Pure Food and Wine, or enjoy a meal at Candle Cafe, which excels at farm-to-table delicacies. Whatever your veggie heart desires, you’ll probably find it right around the corner.

Perhaps because of the largely Buddhist population, or the constant flow of tourists, Chang Mai, Thailand, boasts of over 80 vegetarian restaurants offering a diverse cuisine. Even the places that have meat on the menu offer variants like meatless tom yum soup, and all-veggie curries.

In 2013, Scottish city Glasgow was named by animal rights campaigner PETA as the best city in the world for vegans. The number of veggie restaurants in town is growing steadily, partly because of a conscious collective effort to make the residents healthier, and partly because of the vibrant youth culture. Young people are watching their diet and adopting new eating patterns more eagerly that the preceding generation.

London is often ranked as the most vegetarian-friendly city outside of India. It has more than 130 veggie-centric eateries that offer a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Pubs offering traditional fish and chips often jostle with curry houses in the capital’s crowded streets. Some pubs too, have started offering raw foods and meatless cuisine. Covent Garden’s Food for Thought is a very popular veggie hub.

According to NYC-based Saveur magazine, Berlin takes the cake for being the greatest city for vegetarians, achieving a ‘complete culinary parity’ with the native meat-based diet. Veggie restaurants are ubiquitous and the choices are endless, but no one does it better than the upscale eatery Kopps, which offers innovative twists on traditional German cuisine, featuring fresh organic produce.