… is definitely through the stomach. On Friday evening at the Frere Hall lawns, it was proved beyond a doubt that this is a city which enjoys pleasures of the gastronomical kind (as well as others) like no other. For the third year running, ‘Eat, Eat, Eat, Repeat’ is a mantra Karachiites are really taking seriously.

The brainchild of Omar Omari and Cyra Anklesaria, the Karachi Eat Food Festival is not all about hedonistic pleasures; the money raised from it goes to selected charities each year, and by virtue of that, the more you eat, the more you’re helping!

Open from noon till 11 pm on Sunday, the festival features the regular stalls of chaat, dossa, khao suey and baked goodies, but also new entrants Rajjo Ice Cream, Sattar Buksh, and Tempt Asian this year. If your taste runs to continental, there’s delicious sandwiches prepared by a Danish family, as well as sweet and savoury treats by Lal’s. The idea behind the event is to showcase the diverse eating cultures that co-exist in the city of lights.

There’s an entry fee of Rs 250 per person, but the eats are all very reasonably priced. All stalls have to follow the restriction of not selling any portion for above Rs.300; besides, it’s all for a good cause anyway, and not too steep for a great weekend with family and friends.

Just a note of caution, though, it’s best to get a drop and pick-up if possible. A valet service is available but the wait can be frustrating. Due to the huge crowds, trying to find a parking spot near the venue is an almost impossible task.

For this weekend at least, then, forget about cooking and meals at home and get out and enjoy the best of Karachi’s multi-cultural cuisine in a festive atmosphere at the iconic Frere Hall.