All it takes is iron-will! Except, not really… Here are some ways in which even those of you without a spine of steel can get into incorporating exercise into your daily routine till fitness becomes a way of life.

1. Commit to a partner. If you have a partner, your exercise routine becomes instantly more doable; first because it’s more fun, and second, you’re less likely to let someone else down rather than yourself. And both of you can reap the mutual benefits of keeping each other going.

2. Log your activities. Write down your achievements. However small, the pleasure of getting something out of the pain will keep you on target. Your entries can be anything that make you happy – number of laps in the pool or around the track, how many steps you’ve walked in a day (get a FitBit) how much time you spent in the gym, any loss of weight – all these are signs you’re doing well.

3. Look out for success indicators. Once you start a regular exercise routine, you’ll notice changes like getting a good night’s sleep, clearer thinking, more energy, and improvement in your medical tests. These positive signals are motivators to keep going.

4. Reward yourself. Rewards don’t only work with kids and pets, adults respond to them equally well. Changes in behavior patterns aren’t easy to incorporate and rewards do help. Something like, buying new running shoes after running in the park everyday for a month, are simple treats you can tempt yourself with.

5. Make exercise time non-negotiable. Till it becomes part of who you are. Convincing friends and family (who might advise you to skip it for the day) isn’t too difficult, compared to convincing yourself that working out is an integral part of your life. Once you’ve sold the idea to yourself, you’re all set.