Looking for a new place to see a spectacular sunrise? Your best bet may be from the top of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, given the fact that it is the world’s tallest building at present.

The management of the Burj announced on Thursday that it will be opening doors for spectators and that first tickets will go on sale from this weekend. Ticket prices for adults are a reasonable 124 dirhams ($34) while kids aged between 4-12 can go to the top for 95 dirhams ($26).

Children under 4 get a free ride to the viewing platform on the 124th floor, which is as close to the heavens as you can get and for the price, it’s a trip worth taking.

Sunrise viewings will begin at the crack of dawn, 5.30 a.m, and continue at half-hour intervals till 8 a.m.

The Burj Khalifa opened to the public in January of this year. The famous spired landmark stands at 2717 feet (828 metres) and is a popular tourist stop for all visitors to Dubai.