The custard-apple, aka sugar-apple, or in Pakistani vernacular the ‘shareefa’, should definitely be added to your to-buy fruit list this summer.

The tasty delight is packed with nutrients, and a chilled version is a perfect and light seasonal dessert that’s actually very good for you. Here are some benefits you’ll get from the humble custard-apple:

  1. It helps summer colds and asthma. With 150 percent of your recommended daily dose of Vitamin C, a single custard apple a day can keep respiratory infections and asthma at bay with its powerful antioxidant qualities.

2. It’s great for your heart. The Vitamin B6 in this fruit helps avoid accumulation of homocysteine – an amino-acid that can cause coronary disease and strokes.

3. It regulates your blood pressure. The potassium content in custard-apples helps people suffering from hypertension, as potassium combats the negative effects of sodium in your body. Sodium is known to raise blood pressure.

4. It’s an energy booster. Summer heat makes us all feel lethargic, especially in the daytime. A custard-apple snack will give you a quick buzz, as the thiamine in it readily converts the sugar you’ve consumed into energy.

5. It helps regulate cholesterol. Niacin is a key nutrient in custard-apples. This B vitamin has a proven effect of lowering cholesterol levels in the body, especially the harmful LDL kind.