It’s that easy now – just make a booking through Airbnb. The Art Institute of Chicago has made it possible for art fans to actually be able to experience living inside the Van Gogh painting they’ve always admired.

The Institute has recreated the bedroom featured in the Dutch post-impressionist master’s most famous works. The actual room was part of Van Gogh’s Yellow House in Arles, France, but the improvised edition sits in the River North locality of Chicago, and is available for an extremely affordable price of $10 per night, which includes a ticket to the exhibition.

Art Institute spokesperson Amanda Hicks says that the objective of the exercise is to bring ‘fresh eyes and fresh perspective’ to the iconic set of paintings, which are part of the permanent collection at the museum.

An exhibition, ‘Van Gogh’s Bedrooms’, will be running from February till May at the Institute, with 30 more paintings on display besides the three featuring the bedroom.

There is naturally a deluge of requests for the Airbnb Van Gogh bedroom, so the museum is taking bookings in blocks that it will be announcing via Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re not fortunate enough to secure a booking, you can also enjoy the immersive experience – complete with scrolling images, text and music – of seeing a built-to-scale replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom at the exhibition itself. For art-buffs, this will be a rare treat indeed.

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