When it comes to dilemmas and complications, life does seem to have handed men an unfair advantage, but that’s the way it is, like it or not, and more complex human beings that they are, maybe the ladies would have it no other way.

1. Men have fewer wardrobe issues. Well, that had to be the first one, no arguments about that. One thing you’ll never hear a man say is, “I have nothing to wear”. A one-week vacation for a man requires only a pair if jeans and two shirts; for a woman, packing for it is getting on a ‘decision-making roller-coaster’.

2. They have no name-change problems. Men’s last names stay the same forever. As soon as a woman gets married, the ‘big decision’- to change or not to change – has to be made, involving the changing of ID card, passport, driver’s licence, etc.

3. They have fewer hairstyle dilemmas. The same hairdo lasts men for years, and an evening out, in comparison with women, has nothing to do with agonizing over what to do with your hair.

4. Their phone bills are smaller. An average phone call a man makes lasts barely 30 seconds. For a woman, 30 seconds is barely enough to start the conversation, and how long an average phone call a woman makes is anybody’s guess.

5. Men’s social life is less complicated. Unlike that of women, men’s social lives don’t operate on a very complex, hierarchical tit-for-tat system. Even if someone forgets to invite them to a party they can still be friends. For women, this would be the opening of new battle lines.

6. The ‘freaking-out bar’ for men is higher. Men are less emotional, even about the ‘big issues’ – if a man sees another guy wearing exactly the same shirt at a party, they’ll both have a good laugh about it, end of story. For a woman, the saga of vendetta has just begun.