Anyone who’s been on a diet knows that the first thing to drop from the menu is bread, especially white bread. According to nutritionists, your system digests it too quickly, it makes blood sugar levels rise, and is the main culprit linked to weight gain. For those who still find it hard to give up though, Professor Zhou Weibiau of National University Singapore has the answer. It lies in the ‘purple bread’ he has invented.

Being promoted as the ‘first superfood of the baked goods world’, purple bread is digested at a 20% slower rate than white bread. Made up of natural ingredients, it’s also healthier because of being rich in antioxidants.

The color of the bread is a result of the infusion of anthocyanin extracts taken from black rice, a grain known for its antioxidant properties. A chemical reaction with starch enzymes in the dough turns the color purple.

Research has shown that anthocyanins help control diabetes and obesity, as well as cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Though purple bread will have the same calories as its white counterpart, the energy release will be over a longer period of time, slowing down hunger pangs.

Though not available yet, major food manufacturers have shown interest in bringing purple bread to the market, so you may see it on the shelves soon.