In the world of Iron, one of the most crucial components in becoming the bigger, better and stronger version of you is motivation, without it we are all doomed. In every aspect of life our success is determined not only by our talent and work ethic, but mainly the foundation that we have built at the very beginning of our body building careers.

The Team consists of Ronnie Milo, a competitive body builder with arms the size of your thigh. Second member is Jason Wheat, a fire-fighter from Florida and also a competitive power lifter. The third main member of the militia is Chris Thompson who is also a VP of sports nutrition maintaining the one of the most shredded and ripped body in the body building universe.

Now enough with the introductions of the already very well known body builders, we’ll get right to the main point of this, the pro advice from the team itself.

1. Together, Stronger
“The Fuel Team Militia is for everyone who is dedicated to getting stronger, being better at what they do, or is interested in the fit lifestyle,” says power-lifter and Militia Field General Jason Wheat. “We get together as a group to do gym invasions; we inspire each other, cheer for each other, and motivate each other toward our goals.”

2. No Ego
Keep your ego in check or better yet leave it outside the gym. “There’s a stereotype that guys who like to train are just big, dumb, and egotistical,” says Militia member Chris Thompson. “We want to change the way the world looks at guys like us and create a paradigm shift so that the biggest, baddest guys in the gym will also be the coolest, most helpful, and encouraging guys in the gym.”

3. Sacrifice is Essential
Militia members know, nothing great can be achieved at any level of training without making some sacrifices. “If it was easy to be huge or have six-pack abs, then everyone would be huge with six-pack abs,” says Wheat. “I don’t always want to get up at 6 in the morning to do fasted cardio, but sometimes that’s what you have to do to get the results that you want.”

4. Commit to Consistency
“The key to success is consistency,” says Thompson. “Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes consistent. Perfect practice makes perfect. “There have been times when I’ve made cream of rice using a hotel room coffee maker,” he admits. It’s a total commitment to consistency, but once you make it and accept it, it stops being a challenge and becomes a simple expression of your lifestyle.

5. Compete and Encourage
Competition doesn’t have to happen on a stage and it doesn’t need a medal or trophy to legitimize it. The beauty of body building is that you are constantly competing with the iron the athletes around you and most importantly the former version of yourself. The competition never stops.