Exercise isn’t just about six-pack abs and lean traps. It trains you for life in ways you may not be aware of, building character and personality, as well as toning your guns.

It makes you aware that you’re stronger than you think. Stories about human endurance, physical and mental, are stuff of legend. The boundaries of how much  you can stretch your stamina are always expanding, and so are your horizons in life. May it be the 6 minute mile or the 30 year relationship, people who exercise know they can hang in there and make it work.

Simply by following a regular exercise regimen, you prove that you are up to accepting challenges. If it were so easy, everyone would be doing it, but you’re always coming across people who are either too lazy to begin or give up too soon, so that tells you you’re on a higher level of decision-making and following up.

An important lesson in life – what goes up must come down – the incline of the treadmill, the hills you run on- the upward ascent is always difficult, but descending is that much easier. And so it is in life, the battle to push forward against the tide is hard but accomplishment is sweeter the more obstacles you encounter.

You learn to push further forward every day. In life too, you’re constantly pushing forth and taking risks. It’s like the lottery; you have to buy a ticket to win the big prize. Failure is certain if you don’t try. Wayne Gretzky put it aptly, ‘You’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t play’.

And finally, you learn that it’s about the journey, not the destination. Once you get into a regular exercise routine, you observe that it makes you feel good, the other benefits take second place. You are refreshed and your whole outlook changes. The process is as important as the result, and the children playing the water’s edge at Clifton Beach are as delightful as the fact that your morning jog is helping you shed pounds.