Anybody who has a pet dog or cat, knows they get up to some pretty silly antics. Our most common reflex is to just laugh it off and continue with what we were doing.

But this is one antic you certainly don’t want to ignore — If you see your pet pressing their head up against a wall this could be a sign of something more serious, especially if it happens on a regular basis. According to research, a pet that is seen pressing their head up against a wall could be suffering from damage to the nervous system. This could be anything from an minor infection to a more serious tumor.

Seeing as pets cannot speak to us and let us know when they are in pain, it is vital we pay attention to the warning signs. In these situations your pet is signaling to you that it needs help, and as a pet owners it is our responsibility to pay heed to the indicators.

If you see your pet doing this then don’t even stop to think, take them to the vet immediately!