Just because it’s endorsed by the likes of Madonna and Megan Fox, doesn’t mean Pilates is only meant for the ladies. Men too can greatly benefit from this exercise regime. According to Winona Holl, Managing Director of the Pilates Foundation (yes, its a real thing), men tend to be muscle-group targeted in the way they workout, but that sometimes does nothing for the inner muscles that create stability along the bones and joints. Pilates does exactly that, allowing deeper muscles to get to work.

The Pilates method, developed in Germany over a century ago, is the perfect answer to deal with modern day working-style aches and pains. First of all, it helps develop better posture. Back and neck pain are on the rise because of the long hours office workers spend contorted over their desks. Pilates strengthens the muscles that support your spine and joints.

There are 639 other muscles in the body besides your biceps, and they need attention too! By doing Pilates, you’ll discover muscles you didn’t know existed; and the aches the day after will testify to that.

Maintaining a strong core is key to any fitness regime, particularly your lower spine. Pilates makes sure that every exercise keeps your central core engaged, making your body work from inside out.

Pilates improves general flexibility, making every movement co-ordinated and fluid. This also helps keep your joints in order and reducing any irritating injuries picked up while playing sports. Many professional athletes regularly practice Pilates alongside specific training.

The breathing techniques used in Pilates, the concentration and the body-awareness, all prove to be effective weapons in fighting stress. Instead of the constant fight-or-flight mode that modern life accustoms you to, Pilates brings your nervous system to a more comfortable, restful state.

So Fellas, what are you waiting for? They next time the Mrs. hits the Pilates class why not join her?