Plants and herbs often carry in them cures for everyday aches and pains. They are the preferred natural health aid in traditional medicine in diverse cultures all over the world. If you have a green thumb you can very well become a bit of a home doctor by growing these value-added plants in your very own home.

1. Aloe Vera. Not only is aloe vera easy to grow, it’s also extremely easy to maintain hardly needing any attention at all (except a position in the sun and occasional watering). The gel in the leaves is the best thing for your skin and hair, which is why you see it on so many cosmetic labels. It can also be used to treat cuts and wounds, and eaten for curing digestive disorders.

2. Basil. Basil has so many curative qualities that it’s worshipped in some cultures. The Indian variety is called holy basil and in Pakistan, you can get it at any nursery by the name ‘niazbo’. If you keep it near your front door the smell wards off mosquitoes and its antiseptic qualities are said to fight all kinds of infection and skin rashes. The leaves are a great flavoring to add to salads, sauces and as toppings for pasta and pizza.

3. Peppermint. Peppermint plants are easy to grow from seeds and thrive well indoors. The leaves, crushed and added to olive or coconut oil, work wonders in soothing pain and relaxing tense muscles. For digestion problems you can infuse a couple of leaves in black tea.

4. Lavender. Best known for its sweet fragrance, lavender is the basic ingredient in many soaps and perfumed products. Herbal tea infused with lavender is a soothing cure for stress and depression. Crushed lavender leaves mixed with oil heal burns and wounds quickly.