We all have personal items that over a period of time, become a bit too personal, meaning we’re reluctant to let go of them even when health-wise it’d be the best thing to do.

From underwear to bedsheets to toothbrushes, we grow overly attached to these inanimate objects without realizing they have a best-before date. Some top examples, include:

1. PJs and underwear. First to the basics. Our skin is constantly shedding dead cells and the micro-organisms that live on them can cause infections like UTI and E-coli, so change sleepwear at least once a week, and underwear DAILY!

2. Towels. Damp and warm towels are a great breeding ground for germs, especially if they’re rolled up in a heap and thrown on your bed. Make sure you hang out your towels to dry preferably in the sun, and change to washed ones once a week. Also, sharing towels is a BAD idea as they absorb and re-spread bacteria.

3. Bedsheets and pillowcases. In Pakistan especially you need to change bedsheets and pillowcases at least once a week, because of the heat and moisture. Perspiration and dead skin cells combine to make a great breeding ground for germs. It’s a good idea to open room windows in the daytime to dry off trapped moisture in the bedlinen.

4. Toothbrushes. Your toothbrush is playing host to at least 10 million germs on average at any given time. They can trigger any illness from hayfever and the flu to Hepatitis C. If you’ve been through an illness change your toothbrush immediately. Otherwise, getting a new one every couple of months is a good idea.