And we’re not talking about peace, love, understanding and all that emotional stuff… This is about practical essentials we all need to have in our homes, in our adult life.

1. A Simple Tool Kit. Now that you’re a grown-up, you should be able to do adult tasks like hammering in nails to hang frames or fixing the loose wire on a plug. A basic tool kit and electric drill will empower you to handle all this without frantically calling for a ‘banda’ every time (and it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a few tutorials in DIY from a friend who’s already ‘with it’).

2. A Box of Disposable Latex Gloves. Being a home-owner means having to deal with gunk from time to time. Whether it’s a clogged kitchen sink or bathroom ‘jaali’, it’s always more bearable to clean up if you’re wearing gloves, which can be thrown away afterwards (along with the unpleasant memory of the chore itself).

3. An Expanding File Folder. This is a must-have for all home-owners who buy appliances — which basically means all home-owners. You’ll need to keep all the receipts, warranty cards and manuals in a handy place in case one of the gadgets breaks down, otherwise you’ll have a breakdown searching for these.

4. A Backup Stash of Cards and Gift Envelopes. Because you’ll only remember you needed to buy one at the last minute. In the adult world, as opposed to the teenage one, there’s a lot of ‘give and take’ (sometimes more give than take), so you’ll be needing birthday cards, anniversary cards, baby’s birth cards and of course, the inevitable ‘shaadi’ gift envelopes.

5. A Working Printer. Yes, you need this at home as well as in your office, so that you don’t have to stop at a friend’s place on your way to the airport to print out your ticket and itinerary. Having access to important documents and the facility to print them at home is not a luxury but a necessity for every adult in today’s high-tech world.