With the number of people travelling by air growing every day, frankly, airline employees are finding it increasingly harder to cope and to please every passenger. However these insider-tips may make your journey less nerve-wracking.

1. Safety features go beyond what you’re told in the demo. All air travelers know about the oxygen masks stowed above and life-jackets below your seats. There are more in-flight safety precautions at work, though, to ensure no harm comes to you. Cabin lights are dimmed at night so that your eyes are adjusted to low light in case of an emergency landing. Tray-tables are required to be put up to ensure a clear access for all passengers in a row. Window shutters must be open at take-off and landing so that rescue workers can see inside if there’s an emergency.

2. Don’t walk barefoot on the carpet. It’s vacuumed after landing, but with around 300 people on board on every flight, every imaginable disgusting thing has been dropped on it – coffee, milk, vomit (need we go on?).

3. Sanitize your space. The best thing you can carry on a plane is a pack of wet wipes. Your table-top for one, and the arm-rests too, are not really cleaned individually after every flight, so there are like a million germs lying in wait for you.

4. Lost baggage must be reported at once. If you’re unlucky enough to lose your bag, you could lose out on a claim too, if you delay reporting it. Most airlines won’t tell you, but they legally require you to file a lost baggage claim within a very short period, otherwise, they are within their rights to refuse paying you compensation.

5. Act quickly if your flight gets cancelled. Get in line at the counter, but also get on your phone. You can probably reach a reservation agent of the airline quicker than the people queuing ahead of you at the counter.