1. The ‘germiest’ thing in your house isn’t the toilet seat, it’s the kitchen sponge. Wiping counters and washing countless dishes every day, it absorbs and accumulates the greatest number of germs in your home. Ideally, it should be replaced every week.

2. The only way to catch a cold is when someone sneezes near you, right? Wrong! Although it could likely be a cause, there are more ways to catch a cold or infection than this one. Offices are a minefield of germs. The little buggers love to reside inside elevators, on doorknobs and stair-rails. Try to steer clear of touching these and don’t touch your face afterwards if you do, unless you wash your hands first.

3. Coming back to the toilet-seat, again – this much-maligned culprit is 10 times less dangerous than what you carry around in your pocket all day – your cell phone. The reason is simple enough; you don’t clean your phone as often as you clean your bathroom, so day in and day out, it keeps collecting germs. Use a wet-wipe at least once a day to get rid of the ‘germ-debris’.

4. Chlorinated pools are germ-free… MYTH! That is simply not true. The chlorine kills many bacteria but not all. Bacteria, fungi, viruses and one-celled creatures called protozoa simply love moisture and thrive in it. With so many people using community pools, you shouldn’t take any chances. Make sure you take proper showers before and after a swim.

5. Anti-bacterial soap is better than normal soap, right? Sorry, but no. Research says there’s very little difference between the two, and the former is more of an effective advertising gimmick than an actual defense against germs. Your preference, should, however, have been changed to liquid soap by now, because a bar of soap is another great home that bacteria love to reside on.