Some beliefs that have gained currency about men’s health and fitness have no scientific backing whatsoever. It’s best to be aware of what does or does not pose risk to your well-being.

1.Wearing a cap or blow-drying your hair will make you bald. False! There’s no scientific evidence to back this claim. Hair follicles become smaller with ageing and this is the real reason for male pattern hair loss. The shrinking of follicles results in shorter, finer hair and finally, no hair at all. Also, balding may have more to do with your genes than your hair care routine.

2. The more frequently you shave, the thicker it will grow back. Wrong again! There’s no link between the two, whether your hair is thin, fine, coarse or thick, the texture depends on your hair follicles, nothing else. Shaving more often may make your beard feel coarser, but it can’t change the structure of the follicles, so don’t depend on it for a bushier tache or beard.

3. If you don’t feel pain when you work out, there’s no point! Not even close to true. There’s no point in overdoing it; this can be aptly called an exercise in futility. Pain does nothing for muscle shaping.

4. Prostate cancer is the main killer for men. This one’s a fallacy too. The most common cancer in men affects not the prostate but your lungs. Lung cancer is mainly linked to smoking.

5. Men need not worry about osteoporosis. Really? It’s true that more women are affected by osteoporosis because of childbirth and hormonal changes, but it’s all about skeletal weakness and brittleness of bones. If you don’t have enough calcium, you can suffer from osteoporosis too. Other factors causing the disease are advancing age, low testosterone levels, alcohol abuse, smoking and steroids.