When you’re staying away from everything that will obviously add on the pounds, you should also be aware of foods that will actually help you keep the extra calories at bay. Add these to your diet and benefit from their ‘slimming’ effect.

1. Cinnamon. Studies suggest this mild and pleasant-tasting spice has a stabilizing effect on the sugar levels in your blood, which means it will curb your appetite. Cinnamon is particularly helpful for people with Type 2 diabetes. Add it to yoghurt, tea or coffee, and even smoothies to add some sweetness without using sugar.

2. Green Tea. The fact that green tea promotes weight loss by burning abdominal fat is being affirmed by many studies. The catechins, a type of phytochemicals, in it help to accelerate the metabolism and fend off hunger.

3. Watermelon. Watermelons, and other fruits that are rich in water content simply take up more space in your stomach and send signals to make you feel satiated. Apples and pears are also appetite suppressants and it’s better to chew them rather blend in smoothies because you’re burning calories in the process.

4. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is the best choice for a healthy breakfast if you’re on a diet. It’s rich in fibre, and when you add water to prepare it, it keeps you feeling fuller; besides, since it’s hot, it will take a little longer to consume and give you a more satisfied feeling than cold cereal.

5. Beans. Beans are a great source of protein as well as fibre. They make a great meal when you’re watching your weight, as they’ll satisfy your hunger without adding on calories. A cup of tinned beans contains just 4gms of fat, so add it to a salad or as a side to lean meat for a healthy, low-calorie meal.