Vacations are the perfect way to escape the daily grind and allow for you to immerse yourself in some of the World’s richest cultural experiences. African Safaris have always been a great way to disconnect from technology and soak-up the sun and natural beauty of Africa. Garonga Safari Camp has created a hotel that marries technology with South Africa’s majestic landscape to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Garonga Safari Camp is located in the Makalali Private Game Reserve, a hotspot for natural encounters and animal sightings. The camp is situated around a dry riverbed which attracts a variety of animals that guests can see up-close from the comfort of their own tents. Each tent in the camp has its own indoor and outdoor shower, luxury beds, air conditioning, a viewing deck and its own private bathroom. All tents also have outlets to plug-in electronic devices (not that you’d want to), and the camp even provides electric blankets and hairdryers (among other things). For those who want a truly luxurious experience, the Hambleden Suite at the nearby Little Garonga camp has its own indoor and outdoor lounge with a dining area, a private pool, a raised deck for an optimum viewing experience and a hammock.

The camp also provides multiple five-star services despite the fact that it’s literally out in the wilderness. Garonga features its own relaxing spa, bush baths and sleep-outs for a night under the stars. Tours deep into the heart of the reserve occur regularly and guests can choose to either walk through the reserve or simply sit in a jeep and cruise. A skilled residential chef prepares nightly meals that fuse together traditional African flavors with continental cuisine to create a great culinary experience.

With such spectacular features, it comes as no surprise Garonga Safari Camp has received rave reviews from and was selected as the ‘Traveler’s Choice 2014’ winner.