As much as we all enjoy food and love experimenting with it, little do we realize that there’s a minefield of hazards located in our kitchen, and it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers lurking in some of the stuff we love most.

Take these everyday favorites for example:

1. Peanuts. There’s nothing more enjoyable than roasted moong-phalli in the winters, and even in summers it’s a healthy snack, but peanuts are also the most common food to trigger serious allergic reactions. It’s best to be aware of that fact especially when giving them to young children.

2. Tuna. Tuna salad and tuna sandwiches make a delicious and healthy meal, but the fish is very high on mercury content and mercury is toxic. It normally passes out of your system through the kidneys but ingesting too much can be extremely dangerous, so enjoy your tuna, but in moderation.

3. Raw honey. There’s a lot of ‘home-farmed’ honey available in the market, but it could be harmful for your health. Unpasteurized honey has a chemical called graynotoxin that can cause nausea, excessive sweating, weakness and upset stomach. It’s better to be cautious and stick to the store-brand, pasteurized variety of the sweet delight.

4. Potatoes. The ever-popular spud is a staple in most diets all over the world, but it can also be dangerous to consume. What you have to look out for is a tinge of green, which means the potato contains a fungicide called solanine. Solanine can cause severe headaches, cramps and diarrhea. The best thing you can do with greenish potatoes is dump them into the trash; they’re not worth the risk of poisoning yourself.

5. Fruit seeds and almonds. Cherry, peach and apple seeds are little killers hiding inside the delicious fruit. They all contain ‘prussic acid’, a lethal poison. Make sure to de-seed the fruit before consuming. Sweet almonds are perfectly safe (and healthy) to eat, but bitter almonds are full of the same prussic acid (aka hydrogen cyanide), so if you bite into a karva badaam spit it out immediately!