A growing trend that is rapidly catching on across the world is colouring books for adults. Therapists believe that when adults open up a colouring book, they enter the lost world of childhood, triggering memories of a much simpler and relaxed life, leaving behind the stresses of the modern digital world.

Michael O’Mara, the giant publishing house, currently has 39 titles in print. In Australia, adult colouring books are literally flying off the shelves at leading bookstores. For neuropsychologist Dr. Stan Rodski, it ‘makes perfect sense’ that they are bestsellers. He says that when he treats executives and managers for stress-related disorders, they often find it difficult to do deep breathing and relaxation exercises, or meditation, but this is something much simpler and immediately rewarding.

According to Dr. Joel Pearson, brain scientist at the University of New South Wales, concentration on colouring facilitates the replacement of angst-ridden negative thoughts and images with much more pleasant ones, increasing positive productivity.

Colouring is being touted as the best alternative to meditation as a relaxing technique. Psychologists say it can do nothing but good, allowing you to get in touch with your creative side and unlocking innovative potential. It gives you a chance to drop out of the rat-race for a few minutes and slip into a personal and comfortable space.