The sad truth of the matter is, our teenage years don’t last forever. But as you grow older you may realize that being a grown-up isn’t such a bad thing after all… Like all things in life, the transition has its perks, and sometimes, you may feel you’d rather not go back at all. The indicators that you’ve ‘crossed the barrier’ may set off alarm bells, or some may be so subtle that you don’t even notice. Here are some sure-fire ways to tell:

You actually begin to like living in a clean space as opposed to the once so ‘homey’ pig sty. Clutter annoys you now. The sight of discarded clothes on the bed or sofa is enough to spoil your mood and you find yourself actually dumping things into a laundry basket as opposed to just shifting the pile from one place to another.

You seriously consider spending money on practical appliances. You may catch yourself listening intently to a discussion about garment steamers vs steam irons. The vacuum cleaner ads in the papers now merit a second glance and buying dust-bag refills is an item on your to-do list.

You look at the menu in restaurants and order a salad because you really want to eat it, not because you feel you have to. The prospect of greasy pizzas and oily rolls and bun-kababs leaves you feeling a bit queasy and that ‘upset tummy’ excuse you make for not eating is just that, an excuse!

Teenagers sitting and hooting away with laughter across the restaurant or yelling when riding their motorbikes alongside your car seem so loud and unmannerly now. You wonder where they’re coming from and what the ruckus is all about?

Yes, the ‘oof’ sound definitely came from you, my friend. Inadvertantly, you let out a moan or a sigh when collapsing into or getting up from a deep armchair.  ‘Deep Heat’ now means an ointment; knee and back pain become real words and the cause is not just the bad posture your mother used to warn you about, it’s age catching up to you.