If you often feel that work-madness is taking over your life and spinning it out of control, here are eight simple tips that can help put the steering wheel back in your control.

  1. Drink a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up. Our body gets dehydrated in sleep just as during the daytime. Early morning hydration helps it to detox and will work towards better digestive health, radiant skin and a cheerful mood.

2. Keep your keys and wallet in the shoes you’re going to wear the next day. This simple trick taking a minute at night will save you hair-pulling frenzy when you can’t find them and are getting (invariably) late.

3. Wrap your headphones in a figure 8 when you take them off. This keeps them from tangling in your bag or pocket.

4. Every now and then, take a different route to the office or back home. It takes away the monotony of the daily grind.

5. Use a nonsensical word for all your online passwords. It saves the headache of trying to remember answers to each security question and anyway, it’s not a test, just a security measure.

6. Know the length of your hand, this comes in very handy when buying things for the house. If you know your hand measures like 8 inches from the base of your palm to tip of your middle finger, you can measure-match anything from curtains to towel racks.

7. Leave a 1000 rupee note in a casual jacket or jeans pocket and forget about it. The joy of discovery later will give you a moment of utter jubilation.

8. Exercise before a date or an important interview. It gets the endorphins going and settles nerves. Don’t forget to shower before you leave though!

9. Next time you’re with friends, do one of your fun childhood activities; play a board game or if you’re out a boisterous game of capture the flag. It’ll make you feel years younger.

10. Buy someone a gift for no reason. It’s one of life’s magic moments, brightening up another person’s day (as well as yours).