Admit it, we love badass characters… The ones who murder, pillage, plunder and cause total chaos. Whether it’s devious drug dealer Walter White or a psychotic murderer like Jax Teller, destruction is our eye-candy. But not all characters get our seal of approval, despite their paranoia. No matter what certain characters do, we as viewers have a tendency to immediately cuss them out the moment they come on-screen. But even among these losers, there are the worst of the worst… Here’s our shortlist of the 4 most-hated of all time:

Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

The 19-year-old Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, is a character whose death was literally celebrated in numerous countries around the world. He was a vicious, murderous ruler (which was fine) but also a petulant spoilt brat, which got fans to absolutely loathe his existence.

Skyler – Breaking Bad

Though her husband was a drug lord, fans always judged Skyler far more severely than we did Walter White. She was highly resented mainly due to the fact that she didn’t support her husband’s choices and perpetually inserted herself into situations where she wasn’t needed.

Dana – Homeland

Brody’s sullen teenage daughter is the biggest turn-off in the highly-acclaimed hit show Homeland. Why in the hell would anybody care about her adolescent boyfriend problems when there’s a damn country to save?

Lori – The Walking Dead

This woman makes the list for a number of reasons. She deceived her best friend, failed to keep an eye on Carl despite of the hoards of zombies lurking around, and her non-stop complaining (ugh). Many fans blamed Lori for making the apocalypse even worse with her constant whining. Lucky for us though, she didn’t last long.