Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan’s latest flick has just set a new box office record! ‘Bang Bang’, the official remake of the Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz film ‘Knight and Day’, has reportedly grossed $2.56 million in North America. This feat has made the action-fueled blockbuster the biggest Bollywood film of 2014 at the North American Box Office.

Hrithik co-stars alongside the gorgeous Katrina Kaif, playing a damsel in distress Harleen who while looking for love on an online dating site ends up on an unexpected adventure with Roshan’s character Rajweer. ‘Bang Bang’ has overtaken Salman Khan’s ‘Kick’ which grossed $2.47 million in North America. Despite the enormous success of ‘Bang Bang’ in the US and Canada, it still holds second place worldwide grossing $52 million behind ‘Kick’ which grossed $61 million.

While speaking to The Financial Express, Fox Star Studios Chief Vijay Singh said, “There is no other release till ‘Happy New Year’ and so the winning streak should continue. The film has got a great scale to it and outstanding action. We released it outside of India in over 850 theaters, which is the biggest release for any Bollywood film. This includes mainstream theaters where Hollywood films are released. Especially in the Middle East, a lot of local Arabs have gone to see the film, which is why there is very strong performance. We have opened up new markets where Bollywood has not gone before. For example, we have released the film in Lebanon, Iraq and Burma where Bollywood films were not officially released”.

‘Knight and Day’ grossed over $250 million worldwide making it one of Cruise’s biggest hits. ‘Bang Bang’ is a great entertainer and stays faithful to the original, with a brilliantly shot water stunt featuring Roshan that is reportedly the first of its kind in any film, Bollywood or otherwise.

While speaking to the Mumbai Mirror Roshan was quoted saying, “I have pushed myself to the extreme for this stunt. This sequence called for mental and physical tenacity. The rush that I experienced while training and executing the sequence was out of the world. I was hooked to a sea plane while I did the stunt. I had trained non-stop to even attempt the sequence”.

Like Cruise, the tall, dark and handsome Bollywood superstar reportedly performed all his own stunts. Now that’s what we call staying true to character!